About Laura

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I’m an autoimmune warrior, yoga addict and my nickname growing up was princess crummy floor!

Yoga brought me into wellness and saved my life.

An autoimmune disorder surprised and forever changed me, inspiring me to help others find wellness. 

Cooking has always been a passion of mine—creating recipes, blending exotic flavors & wowing friends with my unfounded cooking skills from Le Cordon Bleu. 

I am here on this earth to help you discover how to embrace your flaws and give yourself love, compassion and freedom—so you too can live the highest version of your Self!


I am a passionate yoga instructor, a dedicated autoimmune life coach, and I love to get fresh in the kitchen


Most of my life, I was - 

I spent the majority of my life as a wanderer of sorts. 

I had an image of who I should be; an idea of the ‘seemingly mysterious girl’ behind the blackest eyeliner & mascara, wearing the torn jeans, stilettos and leather jacket, smoking a cigarette outside the bar. 

We all know that girl. I was never that girl.

I worked 14 hour restaurant shifts, drank every night after work, ate infrequent & unhealthy meals and got super irregular sleep. I was way out of shape, 30 lbs overweight, working 50-60 hours a week & hitting up happy hour daily to relieve the stress. 

Wash Rinse and Fucking repeat. Monday though Friday.


Fast-forward to NYE 2012, when


yoga became a permanent part of my life.

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Take that party girl from above...

The one who hadn’t worked out in 3 years, smoked & drank daily and was 30lbs overweight; picture her sweating it out at hot yoga

That girl made the BOLD decision to hit up a 90 minute HOT Power Vinyasa Class & Intention Setting workshop instead of sloppily drinking her way into 2013.

Little did I know, that evening would forever impact my life. This was the first of many sober NYE’s to come.

Eventually I found myself at the studio 5-7 times a week.

Yoga began to change me. It changed everything from how I viewed food to what I was putting in my body to the way I walked down the street.

That summer, in the best shape of my adult life, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. 


The autoimmune diagnosis -

Upon receiving my diagnosis, my head went spinning. I couldn't even pronounce the words that defined my disease. 

I tried 4-6 different medications to treat my symptoms instead my symptoms worsened. I researched, bought books & found people who cured their illness without drugs. I tried every diet, supplement and natural remedy. My disease went untreated for 2 years while I tried to figure it all out on my own. 

I became very ill—internal bleeding 10+ times per day, frail, thin, losing clumps of hair, thinning skin, unimaginable fatigue, joint pain & swelling, anemia.

For what? To prove my doctors wrong, punish myself, show off to my family. I was in DENIAL big time.

I broke-down. I broke-up. I moved out. I took a medical leave of absence. I had zero quality of life. 

Still fearful of doctors, tests, medications and how to ask the right questions, I turned to a dear friend & physical therapist for advice on talking to my doctor from an informed place. 

This was the beginning of me taking my healthcare into my own hands, asking questions with confidence and getting support from my medical team. This was the beginning of my NEW way of being

& this is why I have developed this program for you.

I filed the paperwork. Told my boss. I hired MY life coach (she is still my coach),.Signed up for Yoga Teacher Training. Made new friends. Felt relief for the first time in 3 years.

I went through times of torturing myself with judgement, shame and guilt. I had the feelings of "I'm not enough, I'm ugly, broken or disgusting." resurfacing month after month. And I even considered suicide an option. 

Rock bottom was an understatement.

My point is, I didn't start living my NEW way of being until I had  failed A LOT!

I kept practicing. 

Along the way, I've learned how to get the medical attention I need, take drugs when necessary, listen to my GUT (intuition), seek resources and use my "tools" to get me through the emotional drudgery. 

I gave up my old life, left Charleston and I currently, I spend my days pouring my heart and soul into a business I love and adore. 


My mission & purpose -


To arrive, at my life's purpose was no easy feat. 

My life's purpose is to create a loving environment that provides people with a grounded existence to the themselves and the earth so they may discover their life's purpose.

I couldn't be happier to finally be here. Epically flawed. 


I am here on this earth to help you discover how to embrace your flaws, give yourself love, compassion and freedom, so you too can live the highest version of your Self!

When our daily focus, workflow and energy is given to something greater than us, this is when we find true happiness.

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I am on a mission to empower women to stand tall, speak with confidence & connect with each other.