6 Badass Facts

If you choose to work with me, Know This.


6 badass facts

..to know & love

about my brand, and

why I am on this earth

to share it with you!


I fight REALLY fucking hard.

I fall down. I cry. 

Sometimes hysterically. 

I feel like a “lost cause” and I struggle through self-sabotaging behaviors and the ever present self-doubt.

I also, PUSH the ‘F’ through it and come out laughing with a huge smile on my face. 

I believe in my body to get me to the other side. 

This fight isn’t easy, but it will never deFEAT me for as long as I live.

I am not faint of heart. 

I push envelopes and buttons, so I can get the answers and results I desire. 

Just ask my team of doctors! 



“The fake it till you make it,” motto will NEVER define me or my business.



I was, once told at an annual review that I was fabulous at “faking it till I make it.” 

I’ll be damned!

I felt like I had been hit in the chest; the wind knocked right out of me.  

Those were some of the most disempowering words I could’ve heard when I had put all my energy, experience and knowledge into producing excellent results. 

In that moment, I chose to… 

EMPOWER myself, stand TALL and speak with CONFIDENCE. 

And I bring these qualities to my business every day. 

Empowering women to speak with knowledge about their health and total well-being with an air of graceful confidence is the top reason I coach women in the first place.

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CONNECTING to women on a deeper level  is what started this business.     

At my CORE. 

My desire is to build sustainable connections with the people in my life who matter most.

Bold, unwavering and fully compassionate relationships are the only ones I have time for. 

Being diagnosed with autoimmune disease made it CLEAR as day which relationships deserved my full attention. 

Chronic illness has it’s challenges, but it’s taught me how to be vulnerable & show up for others that are struggling in a way that is supportive, powerful and intended.

If you’re full of BS…

& not serious about putting in “the work” necessary to take your life to the next level, we are not a match made in integrity, humility and compassion.



My laughter wears a CROWN.


Laughter is the best medicine ever, said everyone who ever lived!


Making wildly stupid jokes, learning to laugh at myself and spending time with people who enjoy life keeps me LIGHT. 

When I’m laughing, there is no pain. 

My BODY is relaxed and the tension simply MELTS away with every breath I take. 

I CHOOSE daily, to laugh so hard I can’t breathe and yes, sometimes I wear a tierra while I work and laugh at that too.



My dis-ease landed me here, running the MOST successful  business ever!

Yes, this is my first attempt at being a full-blown entrepreneur and deciding to SPILL all my guts on the world wide web has been no cake-walk. 

I LIVE with Ulcerative Colitis and Hand Psoriasis, autoimmune disorders that ALTER the way I live day to day. 

My decision to tell the world about my story in a way that is…

Elegant.Relatable. And helpful.

Is extraordinarily brave & challenging. 

You know what? 

The BEST PART about the journey…I get to SHARE my under-belly with you, so that YOU too can grow to new heights with your disease management. 

So we can shift the way doctors, healthcare providers and the world views & treats chronic illness.



It’s your turn to SHINE, bae-bay!

I’m DEAD serious, Bae! 

Pick yourself up off the couch, take a damn shower and drink a fresh glass of water! 

…because I’m waiting for YOU to show the F up RIGHT NOW! 

Not tomorrow, not next week, not next month. 

Today is YOUR Day. 

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A note from me...


I provide women, like YOU, struggling to manage chronic illness & life with a personally tailored framework that allows you to 

feel empowered when understanding, building & putting into action 

a healthcare plan that SUPPORTS the way you want your treatment to look, feel & fit into your life.

I am here to support you as you make CLEAR, CONSCIOUS & CONFIDENT decisions when speaking with your hand-selected team of healthcare professionals. Together, we will BUILD a network of support, so you are not sacrificing your integrity in your career, relationships and self-care routines 

by feeling your very best EVERY damn day.



BIG Hugs,

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